Is it better to clean our air ducts in the fall or spring?

October 5th, 2021

It’s almost the end of the summer season and fall is already beckoning with its colors in the trees. With the cooler weather, we will of course be indoors more often and doors and windows may be closed more. Should we be concerned about the quality of the air we breathe? The following blog post will provide you with information on when to clean your air ducts to ensure the best possible air quality.

The air we breathe

During the long winter months, you and your home are living on mechanical respiration. This means that you can no longer take advantage of the fresh air outside to cool your home, which can lead to a higher electricity bill. The air you breathe is then introduced, distributed or evacuated by a network of ducts. This includes air exchangers, heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), forced-air heating systems, bathroom fans, range hoods and clothes dryers. Are all these ducts clean?

Heating ducts

For forced-air heating systems, the return ducts are where the most dust accumulates. To clean them, insert a vacuum hose and attach a brush. This type of cleaning should be sufficient unless your home has several pets or children. This type of light cleaning can be done in the spring at the same time as your house cleaning. If a heavier cleaning is needed, professionals should be called in who have the equipment to properly clean deep ducts.

Ventilation ducts

Air exchanger and HRV ducts, whether flexible or rigid, can only be cleaned with specialized equipment. Indeed, their sinuous path in the asperities of the walls is not conducive to a home cleaning. They are fragile ducts that deserve professional care. If these flexible ducts have been stretched too far, you may have to replace them.

When to do the cleaning

Fall is a good time to clean because it precedes winter, so you’ll have quality air for the cold season, when doors and windows are closed all the time. If your house has no range hood, if you are a family of 4 with a cat and a long-haired dog, chances are you will have to clean more often. Spring will be a good time to get rid of winter’s build-up.

In any case, if you have any doubts about the cleanliness of your air ducts, do not hesitate to contact a specialized firm that will be able to make the right diagnosis and clean your ducts properly. They will also be able to make suggestions on how to reduce the dust levels in your ducts. You will then be able to enjoy healthy air during the cold season.