We specialize in air duct cleaning, for residential or commercial properties, in Gatineau


Trust Solution Dair with the duct cleaning of your residential, commercial or industrial property in Gatineau and Ottawa

If you are in Gatineau or Ottawa, we invite you to contact Solution Dair for your air duct cleaning, be it a residential, commercial or industrial project.

Clean ducts are a must for a healthy environment. Air ducts are central elements of a building, which is why they must be properly taken care of. Dust and dirt can easily pile up and affect the quality of the air and of the duct system itself, which can be detrimental to your health and your family’s. This is why regular maintenance is better, so you save money over time... and it’s more cost-effective and eco-friendly, since your ventilation system creates less heat when it’s clean.

Famille qui respire de l'air propre grâce à des conduits d'air

We have, over time, developed techniques and acquired tools that set us apart in the field. Our experts have the qualities needed to ensure the smooth progress of your project, for the desired outcome. As an example, we use powerful tools to apply continuous negative pressure to prevent contaminants from spreading. This negative pressure will ensure no particles are released and contaminants are removed from the affected area.

For more information, contact us today at 819-815-1700

Conduits d'air - Avant/Après

Offered services:

  • Cleaning ventilation systems (furnace, air exchanger, heat pump, roof unit and fresh air supply)
  • Wall vent replacement for dryer, air exchanger and range hood
  • Cleaning air ducts
  • Cleaning dryer ducts
  • Nettoyage de conduits d'évacuation de tout genre
  • Cleaning exhaust ducts of all kinds
  • Wall-mounted air conditioner cleaning
  • Camera inspection
  • Filter replacement
Des conduits d'air tout propre

If you’re looking for a quality duct cleaning service in Gatineau or Ottawa, contact us today!

At Solution D'air, we specialize in air duct cleaning for businesses, residences or institutions in Gatineau and Ottawa. Air ducts are important components of a building and should be cared for properly. Whatever the property – be it private or public – proper maintenance of the air duct enables a clean and healthy environment, so you can ensure good air quality and protect the health of your family or team members.

In addition to our commercial and residential projects, we also work in hospitals and universities because we know how crucial a healthy environment is in these institutions. Our experts have developed unique techniques, and we also ensure that our technology is cutting-edge: we’ve equipped ourselves with powerful tools, to produce the best results.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 819-815-1700

How often should we clean our air ducts?

Since air ducts are important elements of a building, their maintenance deserves special attention. A poorly maintained duct with dust accumulated over several years will affect the people who visit or live in that environment, as well as the functioning of the system itself. The cleaning frequency varies from one building to another, however, as a number of different factors can influence the level of contamination.

For this reason, we invite you to choose professionals who will make an adequate evaluation and lead you to the right solution. Solution Dair serves the Gatineau and Ottawa areas, and we make sure we always work to the highest level of professionalism, using state-of-the-art tools for a clean and healthy environment.

If you need to have your commercial, residential or institutional ducts cleaned, contact us!

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