Spring cleaning: what to do about air quality?

March 23rd, 2021

Spring is in the air and we’re all itching to open the windows and let it in. Or are we? Spring cleaning and air quality are closely related and there are a few things homeowners should keep in mind. In this blog post, the indoor air quality specialists at Solution D’Air in Gatineau, Quebec share some tips about spring cleaning and indoor air.

  • How can I spring clean the air in my house?
  • Should I open my windows during spring cleaning?
  • Are spring cleaning chemicals good for indoor air quality?


If you have other questions about indoor air quality that aren’t addressed here, don’t be shy about reaching out. Our team is always happy to answer your questions!

Spring cleaning the air in your home

There are a number of items you can add to your spring cleaning to-do list that will help you improve the indoor air quality in your home. Here are our top 5 tips for spring cleaning your air:

  1. Change your furnace filter.
  2. Vacuum and wipe down the covers for all exhaust fans, air vents, and cold air returns. Don’t forget to look behind furniture for hidden vent covers.
  3. Clean your window screens with a mild soapy solution – we recommend dish detergent in the bathtub!
  4. Clean out the easy-to-reach dust from your heat vents. Professional tools and techniques are required for a full duct clean so call us when you’re ready for that step!
  5. Vacuum and clean your walls, trim and ceilings. Yes! You might be surprised at the amount of dust and contaminants that can cling to these surfaces.

Should I open my windows during spring cleaning?

If you are using harsh chemicals, it is essential to have good airflow and ventilation. Whether you choose to open a window or rely on ventilation fans, make sure that you are not putting yourself at risk when working around any chemicals or pollutants. Important: remember to always read the instructions on your cleaning products: some household products can cause dangerous gasses to be released if used in the same space.

Apart from this safety measure, opening the windows during spring cleaning is a personal choice. Air circulation is always a good thing for improving air quality but you need to assess whether you want the outdoor air coming in directly (through the open windows) or through a filtered intake (through your HVAC system).

Spring air is sometimes filled with unpleasant agricultural odors as well as the annual thaw of dog excrement. Spring pollens and dust from dead leaves on the yard can also make outdoor air quality lower.  In these cases, we recommend leaving the windows closed and opting for running the HVAC fan on continuous to exchange and clean your indoor air.

Replacing cleaning products? Think green

Spring is a great time to reflect on your current cleaning regime and the products you use. If the point of spring cleaning is to get rid of dirt and pollutants that have built up over the winter, there’s not much point in using harsh chemicals that will re-pollute the air and surfaces in your home. Even if you only change one product at a time, consider going greener to help maintain a high quality of indoor air for the health and comfort of your family.

Spring cleaning your home is a great way to set yourself up for success in being able to maintain a higher quality of indoor air and protect your loved ones from potential health risks. If you have questions about other ways you can improve your air quality through the use of filters and purifiers, for example, please contact us. Clean air is our thing!